• Whether you lost your hearing

    Or if you were born with a cheap set of ears, we can help.

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How much and what kind of results can I get.

We are sorry for your loss, either for yourself or a loved one.

There are six things that you must know about hearing loss.

  1. You should treat it like an amputation or a paralyzation, you will never recover from this, and at best, you can find tools to be able to cope.
  2. You will never recover, and this is not temporary. Doctors will comfort you treat you and prescribe you things, but never cure this condition.
  3. Now that it is gone or the ringing starts, this is now your new normal.
  4. We all call them hearing aids, Amplifiers, Personal Sound Amplifiers, etc.
  5. You will never, and I mean never have your hearing like you did before you damaged your hearing.
  6. The best you can do is use a hearing assistance device to function the best you can.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but all hearing aids SUCK!

Your hearing is damaged like the loss of a leg or arm. It will not come back and you have to manange it. This is where we come in. We give you the truth and help you along this new life that you have to cope with.

You can go to a hearing aid center and go through the dog and poney show and pay thousands of dollars to only be extreamly dissipointed.

It is all on you and most people are not living in reality and expect to trade a lot of dollars to have their hearing back like it was. Sorry, it aint going to happen.

If I don’t do anything what will happen?

Since you now understand that your hearing will not return and you have more life to live than you will need to hear to interact with others. Another major reason that you need to adress your hearing loss is it will cause a lot of major health issues in your life.

The folling list is not a exhastive list.

  1. Tinnitus follows a lot of hearing loss and hearing damage.
  2. Alshimers is directly linked to hearing loss.
  3. Heart desiese is linket to hearing loss.
  4. Diabities is linked to hearing loss.
  5. Anxiety and strokes are linked to hearing loss.
  6. Wtih drawing from family gatherings and meanness.
  7. Lack of ambition and depression is linked.

There are many many more problems that are directly linked to hearing loss and Tinnitus.

Until now it has been very expensive and you needed a licenced hearing aid provider or doctor to get hearing aids.

The FDA is passing laws to get the expensive hearing aids over the counter, but how do you know what is the right one for you.

Durable Custom Speakers.

Our most durable custom in-ear speakers to use with your motorcycle Bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth Convertibles.

Our Convertable Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset that can be wired when you want.

The Best Bluetooth.

When only the best will do this is a must for you.

Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycles

Our goal here is to give you enough information to be able to understand how to choose the best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset.

  • Are you using any of the most popular Bluetooth for motorcycles, Sena, Scala, Chatterbox, etc. the main issue is not hearing it in the garage or when you first put it in your helmet? Once installed and up to road speed, you simply can not hear the speakers at road speed without turning them up all the way.
  • You now have a compound hearing loss effect, you have the wind noise at 105-120dB, and you have the speakers blaring at more than 100db directly into your ears.
  • Big Ear has been making Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset solutions since 2003 that will make your investment in your communications unit worth the investment as you will be able to hear it.
  • If you’re not plugging into a comunicatiosn device, we have a stand-alone motorcycle Bluetooth headset that you can pair with your phone or device and have hearing protection first and putting perfect sound in your ears.
  • We are not here to waste your time.

What makes the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset?

  • There simply is not a solution that is one size fits all, it just does not exist.
  • When using a sound level meter you will find the wind noise at 60 mph on average is 105-125 dB and this is depending on many factors. When attempting to use a generic set of speakers to hear over the wind simply does not work.
  • The best motorcycle helmet only will reduce the wind noise by 4dB, this simply is not enough to hear your speakers over the wind at road speed. Add in turning them up to full blast and you are creating more hearing damage then you could imagine in just a short period of time.
  • We have been solving the wind noise issues since 2003  for motorbike riders and have created an entire network of providers everywhere. They can walk you through all the different sound quality units we offer.

There are a few ways to be able to have Bluetooth Motorcycle Headsets.

  • You can use a communication motorcycle Bluetooth headset such as a Sena, Scala, interphone, Clear, etc.
  • We have a custom Stereo Headphone that you can just plug a Bluetooth module in and have perfect sound going down the road.
  • Our Motorcycle Bluetooth headset that is convertible from Bluetooth when you want and corded when you need it.

So now you are down to 3 main areas to find the best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset options.

Durable Custom Speakers.

Bluetooth Convertibles.

Our Convertable Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset that can be wired when you want.

The Best Bluetooth.

When only the best will do this is a must for you.

Custom In-Ear Speaker Solution


Big Ear’s Go Blue Bluetooth Receiver


Custom Bluetooth Motorcycle Convertibles


Custom Stereo Headphones For Under a Helmet


Custom Bluetooth Headsets for Bikers

Since 2003 Big Ear has been creating game-changing motorcyclist.

Finally, you have choices if you want to use a Bluetooth communication unit as they all now allow a 3.5mm jack plugin so you can finally use custom headsets with them.

We have created a comprehensive product line offering that will fill the needs of even the most demanding motorbike ridder.

We are proud to produce the Gold Standard of Hearing protection.

Bluetooth Headset 

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